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Yealands Wines Marlborough Sustainability Initiative

The Yealands Wines Marlborough Sustainability Initiative will make available $100,000 every year for local environmental projects. Projects can apply for individual grants of up to $10,000 per year. The Initiative specifically supports not-for-profit community efforts to improve freshwater quality, the preservation of sensitive natural areas, and/or biodiversity in the Marlborough district.  So much good work is already being done throughout Marlborough, and this fund has been established to help community groups do even more.


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The first round of applications has now closed and we are thrilled to announce the first round of recipients, who will receive a total of $46,500 in funding for their environmental projects. 

Organisation Name: Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary
Project Name: Penguins of Picton
The Penguins of Picton project will measure the Little Blue Penguin population on the wildlife sanctuary and surrounding areas. Through funding obtained through the YSI, Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary will conduct a survey which will aid in developing an education programme for children of all ages that includes hands on projects, as well as advocacy for the species.

Organisation Name: Waima Valley Ecological Restoration Society
Project Name: Old Mans Beard Eradication
This project aims to completely eradicate Old Man’s Beard in Waima Valley, a weed that is slowly suffocating the native bush. Funds obtained through YSI will help Waima Valley Ecological Restoration Society understand how the weed is spread, and then focusing on key areas to control first.

Organisation Name: South Marlborough Landscape Restoration Trust (CC55622)
Project Name: Wilding Conifer Control in the Seddon/ Awatere Water Reserve Area Black Birch Catchment. 
This mission aims to stop the spread of wilding conifers from invading regenerating native forest in the Seddon area. The funding will be used to locate, treat and remove the majority of the wilding conifers.

Organisation Name: Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust
Project Name: Koru Native Wildlife Centre - Kakariki Breeding Programme
The Kakariki breeding programme will promote the re-introduction of Yellow Crowned Kakariki in Marlborough. Funding will be used to further grow the programme and to breed enough Kakariki for another successful release. This includes the cost to care for the birds (bird food and medicine and collecting native food), collecting data, communication between stakeholders, and initiative promotion.

Organisation Name: The Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust
Project Name: Marlborough Sounds Wilding Pine Control 2020-21
The Wilding Pine Control project aims to stop pine trees from out-competing native bush and reducing natural habitats. Funding will be utilised to execute the follow up control at Tawa Bay in Outer Queen Charlotte Sound.

Organisation Name: Picton Dawn Chorus
Project Name: Project 7220 - Garden Trap Saturation Programme
The Garden Trap Saturation Programme will provide and install traps in residential gardens to control introduced predators and restore Picton’s birdlife. The funding will go towards the purchasing of trap boxes and trap mechanisms, as well as carrying out the promotional work to onboard another 300 garden trappers.

The next round of applications opens in August and we look forward to hearing from you then.