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23 March 2019

Harvesters in Action

With Vintage 2019 underway our harvesting team is out in full force!

Harvesters are pretty impressive pieces of equipment! They are a large tractor that drives over each vine row and literally shakes the grapes off of the vine. In the middle of the harvester there is a tunnel that has beater rods that vibrate in line with the fruiting wire. This vibrates the grapes off of the stems and down onto collector plates which then go onto a convayerbelt and into bins. Before the grapes get dropped into the bins, the grapes go through selective processing which sorts out any grape leaves or stems from ending up with the grapes. When the bins are full, the harvester will tip the grapes into a truck which then transports our fruit into the winery. 

Depending on the varietal, harvesters can process 10 - 20 ton of grapes in an hour and can hold approximately 3 tones of grapes before having to tip!