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Vine Bailing

This week our vineyard team is hard at work bailing up our vine prunings. 

Now that pruning is well underway, our team is hard at work processing last year’s canes. We use a specialized bailer that can bend the thick vine stocks without breaking them and moulds our vines into a uniformed bail.
These bails made from our grapevine’s might not look like much, but they are a massive part of our sustainability efforts here at Yealands. Approximately 10% of our pruning’s each year are dried out and then bailed up. These vine bails are then placed into specialized burners on top of our winery building. At full capacity, our burners produce 500KW of energy which is used to heat our winery building, hot water, and glycol which is used in our cellar.  This unique form of biofuel  eliminates over 180 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.