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16 JUNE 2017

Birdlife at the vineyard

Birdlife has diversified even further at the vineyard now Peter has bought a new species of swan. They are called Trumpeter swans and are from North America. Here at Yealands, we welcome and encourage wildlife to the estate.

To promote biodiversity, we have planted more than 200,000 native shrubs and flaxes, and created 25 wetlands at our Seaview Vineyard in the Awatere Valley, Marlborough. As a result, many native birds now make Yealands their home. If you walk around the vineyard, you’re likely to spot Royal Spoonbills, Black Swans, Teal Ducks, White Herons, Banded Dotterels, Pied Silts, Bellbirds, Paradise Ducks, Fantails and Tuis.

The new swans are taking some time to adjust, sticking close to the winery and are often running around just outside our windows!